Beginner Musicians and Venues that Helped to Promote them

If you’re making your first steps in music, I hope you don’t think that making it big or getting your big breakthrough is something that will happen overnight. You will be required to consistently promote yourself in order to get a foothold within the music industry and watch your name grow. Musicians like Jay Z, Rihanna, Beyoncé and the other topnotch music performers did not come in the limelight easily. These celebs will release a song today and in less than a day the song will be having millions of likes on YouTube. However, these people devoted a lot of time and sacrifice much; they experienced ups and downs before they rose and reached success. This write- up will give you a list of small venues most musicians used to perform at before they made a break through in the music industry. If you are beginner musicians these places can help to launch your career.

Road Shows

Most singers used to utilize roadshows, that are organized in estates and small towns, with a purpose to promote products. When the product promotion process was taking place, they’ d request for a few minutes whereby the DJ would play their song(s) or allow them to perform. But such events had some drawbacks for performers. For instance, they were not paid for performance, the organizers of the roadshows would give them only a few minutes which were not enough for them to perform their songs and in some cases the crowd could boo them due to lack of interest to their songs.

Small Bars

Small bars in local neighborhoods were also ideal places where beginner musicians would market their names. The singers would request the owner of the bar to grant them permission so that they could perform for visitors who come to spend their time in the bar. Most of the time the singers would be paid in accordance with how much income a bar attendant makes during the night. For instance, they would agree that for every beer that is bought the singer would be entitled to 0.2 US dollar. In some scenarios, the musicians would even sacrifice their money so that they could come with a few people who would cheer them up while they were performing.

Music Rooms

Music rooms are small places set aside for instruction in music. Beginner musicians would utilize these places because they were equipped will all the music facilities and gears. These places were ideal as the singers would be coached if they were progressing in a positive manner or not.

Coffee Shops

Coffee shops is another appropriate places that you would find musicians performing when they start out their music careers. Performing in coffee shops used to be the hardest place of performance since diverting the attention of the people there was not easy. This made some musicians use tricks such as turning out to be comedians so that they could win the attention of the people before starting to market their songs.

In Colleges

Beginner musicians would take advantage of events being organized in colleges and universities so that they could market their songs. For instance, during sporting activities, singers could seek for permission so that they could entertain the players and fans when the sports were progressing.

Last, but definitely not least, as you’ve seen, making a breakthrough in the music industry is not something that comes easily. You must ensure that you work extra hard, be dedicated and focused as well as utilize small venues that has people to perform and market your songs.

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